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Using already available sensors that use different technologies to convert the values of physical quantities in the electric quantities, it is possible their measurement and storing in databases. Data from sensors can be loaded and saved at time interval defined by the user. The measured data can be displayed graphically or in tables for a certain time interval. As equipment it will be used the ultimate KNX technology which can further be a base for expanding the system in additional functionalities that cialis generique will ensure reliability, energy efficiency and comfort in the room. The monitoring software was developed in JAVA.

The physical quantities that can be monitored are:

  • Temperature

  • Pressure

  • Air moisture

  • Lighting

  • Presence

  • Oxygen

  • CO2

  • Wind speed

  • Power consumption

If the value of certain physical quantity is raised at certain value or fall under certain value it can be sent email, sms or if in the system are also incorporated actuator components, it can turn on/turn off devices, to stop the water, the gas, the power etc.

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