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KNX installation provides comfort, security, energy saving, flexibility and adaptivity of future development. The energy saving realized by implementation of this technology in hospitals, institutions, buildings, houses amounts 30-40%. The largest world companies that produce equipment for lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, security systems, alarms are members of KNX association and produce equipment according to this standard.

By attending the KNX course you get opportunity to acquire knowledge for the KNX standard, the principles of operation of KNX devices, programing the same with ETS4 software, the way of functioning of KNX bus. The training is held in Macedonian or in English language.

The course lasts for 40 hours, of which minimum half are practical work. The duration is 5 days, 8 classes of 45 minutes each. Within the course it is acquired professional literature and training place with equipment on which, practically, will work maximum two candidates. Each group will contain up to 4 candidates. For learning and programing the equipment it will be used the latest version of the ETS4 software. The content of the course is standardized worldwide and it is:

- KNX system arguments
- KNX Bus devices
- KNX communications
- KNX work with ЕТS
- KNX diagnostics
- KNX basic designing
- KNX detailed designing
- KNX installations
- KNX Powerline 110
- KNX telegram
- KNX topology

Upon finishing the course there is exam in two parts, practical and theoretical part. Upon taking the exam you are awarded KNX certificate, which comes from the KNX association from Brussels. Likewise, the data for you and for your company are published on the web site in the part of partners. Two times a year, for free, you will also receive the magazine KNX journal, which will come at your address. You will also get a license for the software ETS lite, by which you can program KNX devices.

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